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Game News
The Sanctus Templar Lore

 Long ago in the eastern kingdoms a boy named Holypurge was born. His family was noble and all was well until a fearsome Orc assassin jumped into the room and killed them. Witnessing his parents death Holypurge unleashed a hidden power upon his foe, cleaving his head in twine. Holypurge fled his home and braved the wilderness. 19 years passed and Holypurge Honed his skills as a paladin and became a fine healer...

 A problem arose to Holypurge while traveling. Troll hunting parties started a attack to the north of his encampment on the eastern boarders on Stranglethorn. The target was a caravan full of women and children... some thing had to be done! Holypurge with mace and shield equipped charged towards his foes intercepting the mob before they reached the caravan.. a long battle ensued and he was greatly out numbered and out matched his healing spells were no use against the brutish troll hunting party. Taking hits to his entire body he fell to one knee. sweat dripping from his fore head he knew that it could not end like this! Senses heightened he ducked away from the prodding spears and backed him self into a corner. All seemed lost, he was surrounded and out of breath. The leader troll made his way forward pushing the grunts aside. His face was eager to taste the blood of the Human that had caused him so much trouble. The troll lifted his giant Mace high into the air preparing to bring it down on the defeated paladins head. His arm loosened and the mace began to fell. 

Holypurge closed his eyes ready for it to all end. Moments past and the trolls had stopped the call for blood. Lifting his head he could see the troll still hovering above him but some thing different. His face was no longer one of rage but fear.

 A loud crack followed by a bright bolt exploded the troll into oblivion. The other trolls began to search for the attacker that exploded there leader, another flash and more trolls toppled to the ground. Holypurge looked up and saw him! the flying mage hurling arcane bolts and the trolls. It was Torkyn! The trolls rallied up an attack formation at the spot where the mage would land. Teleport no jutsu! Kainan appeared the fellow Paladin who wielded protection magic. The trolls clashed against his mighty shield and fell to the hammer of light that flew from his mace. Torkyn landed safely and resumed his arcane barrage while Kainan held the hunting party at bay. Holypurge reached into his bag and pulled out some Melon Juice he had left over and began to drink while the trolls attention was drawn. 

The troll blew horns and began to run back into the thick jungle. 

"They retreat" torkyn said with a tone of relief.
"Stay on your toes mage this isn't over yet" Kainan replied as the ground shook around there feet. Out of no where a huge Troll jumped in to Kainan and smashed him with a Crit. Kainan fell to the floor damaged by the blow and creasing in pain. 
"Eat my Heals" yelled Holypurge and kainan felt new strength in his body.

Kainan back on his feet smashed the troll in face drawing its attention. Torkyn mad with power brewed a spell that would soon end the troll! "BY FIRE BE PURGED" he yelled as a searing bolt left his hands and headed towards the trolls face. On impact the great blast blew Holypurge, kainan and torkyn away. 

Many minutes passed and the 3 woke up. After a quick survey it was clear that caravan was destroyed by thee blast and the women and children were nothing more than ashes. It was clear to Holypurge that a new guild would be formed by the three. that guild is the Sanctus Templar!


Guild Rules


Member rank earned by staying with the  guild for 2 weeks

Raiders rank earned by raiding at least 3 times with guild and proveing you are at a raid level of gameplay

Bank rules

Raiders will have access to the raiders tab. For any other withdraws from the other tabs talk a a Guild Leader.

Please do deposit mats into the gb :D

any more question talk to a gm

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Holypurge, Jul 1, 11 8:14 PM.
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